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Comprehensive Eye Exam

The comprehensive eye exam is the single most important step you can take toward maintaining the health of your eyes. Annual exams ensure that your eyes are functioning optimally and allow for early detection of any visual impairments or disease. In addition, by looking into the eye, we can detect signs of serious systemic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Your comprehensive eye exam may include:

  • Visual acuity test to determine how well you can see and refractive error tests to determine the prescription for glasses
  • Visual field test to evaluate your peripheral vision test
  • Intraocular pressure test to detect signs of glaucoma
  • Complete examination of the eye's health, including all the major tissues from the front to the back of the eye
  • Color vision test (if necessary)
Slit Lamp

Slit Lamp

Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

Corneal Topographer

Corneal Topographer


The contact lens exam is a series of tests and evaluations performed in addition to the comprehensive eye exam. This exam allows us to optimize your vision with contacts. We will determine whether your contacts are fitting properly and ensure your eye remains healthy with contact lens wear. If you have never worn contact lenses before or interested in making a change to the lenses you are currently wearing, we offer contact lens fitting services to find comfortable contact lenses that fit your visual needs. Your contact lens exam and fitting may include:

  • Taking topographical photos of your cornea to assist with fitting
  • Tear film evaluation to ensure you can wear contacts comfortably
  • Follow-up visits to evaluate comfort and vision
  • Training on how to insert, remove, and take care of your contact lenses

Ocular Disease Diagnosis & Management